Getting older

Some people can`t stand the fact, that we are getting older. They are looking for eternal youth.

Well, I´m not. I like the idea of getting older. I don´t want to be 80 now, but I also don`t want to be 20 or 30 again. I`m 41 and glad with it. I like the silver hairs on my temples, which are getting more and more over time. I like the fine wrinkles on my face, which are becoming more and more vissible.

Of course, youth has it`s advantages, but whats the point of staying young forever? I think, part of our life is going through the different periods of our being. What can you get or learn if you are staying young forever?

If somebody would offer me the key to eternal youth or life, I wouldn`t want it. I´m pretty sure, at a certain point it´s getting pretty boring. Wether you stay young forever (for example 30) or live forever.

People who don`t know me are estimating my age at about 37, which is fine with me. If somebody would say, I look like 30, I would be dissapointed. Of course I would be dissapointed as well, if someone would guess my age at 45 or older. As I said, I´m 41 and glad with it. Hopefully this feeling will last forever.

Yes, and I want to know how it will feel, when I´m 80 and my grandchildren are asking me, how I felt, when I was their age. Hopefully eternal youth will never come true. I would miss the different expiriences of getting older.

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Why I like Myspace!

I have the feeling, a lot of German people can`t stand Myspace.

I personally like it very much. I discovered Myspace through one of my favourite jazz musicians, Lee Ritenour, who also has an account at Myspace. Well, and that`s the reason why I like Myspace.

It is used from a lot of musicians as a way to inform their fans about tour dates, cd-releases and new songs.

I`m using Myspace as a way to inform myself about my favourite musicians and to discover new artists, as well.

For example Lee Ritenour has a lot of so called friends. And a lot of his friends are fans as well as musicians. And guess what, a musician who is a friend of Lee Ritenour might also hit my taste of music. 

So, in clicking through Lee`s friend list, I discovered new artists as well as other favourite musicians of mine. And through them I discovered new artists and so on. And sometimes artists, who I didn`t know before are asking to become friends of mine. So my network is growing and growing and my list of CD´s which I need to have is growing as well.

For me, Myspace works fine!

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Chocolate and Zucchini

Which startet as a simple blog, ended as a way of making a living out of it.

This blog contains everything, which is connected to food. She seems to be very creative with her recipes as you can see from the name of the blog, chocolate and zucchini.

If I don`t know what to cook, it seems to be worth to have a look into her blog.

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Michael Connelly

One of my favourite authors has written a new book, named "The Overlook". I´ve read several books of him. I started with "The Poet", a book about a serial killer, who is leaving qoutations from Edgar Allen Poe at the crime scene.

Michael Connelly knows how to write a so called page-turner. You can`t stop to read because you want to know how the story will continue.

Enclosed you will find a nice promo for his new book. Harry Bosch is the detective of most of the stories from Michael Connelly. I always think of Harry Bosch as a lonseome rider.

Some of you might know Michael Connelly from the movie "Bloodwork" with Clint Eastwood.

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A few years ago I was thinking of how to speak more English. I don`t have much problems to understand English. I´m used to read English books, I´m used to English movies, but when it comes to speaking, I´m a bit out of practise. From time to time I visitited an English language course, but they aren`t that cheap to do that more regulary. 

So I thought of looking for people, who have the same interest than I have. I placed an add in the internet, where I was looking for people, who wanted to speak more English and don`t have the possibilites as well.

 I found a few so we met twice a month. We went to the English theatre, we went to the movies and we talked. It was fun, but because we weren`t that many and we didn`t pay a Cent, it didn`t last more than a year.

I liked the idea and some of them did as well. But first of all it was hard to find a day, where all of us could participate. We haven`t set a fixed date like every second Monday or something like that. So sometimes it took 2 weeks to find a date and a place as well where all of us could come. So, after a while I felt tired of organising it and so it went dead.

I think, we should have made it more of a habit to join. We just small-talked, which was o.k. so it was more than meeting friends. And the pressure wasn`t there, that this is our regular date of pracitising English. 

If I could find a few people who would like to do that, I would try it again. But this time it would be more like, every second Monday from 7pm to 8.30pm. And I guess, most people don`t want to make such a comitment. So maybe, I have to join the Hamburg Toastmasters, because they seem a bit more organized.  

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And now for something completly different!

I love Monty Python. I´ve seen the whole series of the Flying Circus. Luckily the German TV station NDR3 didn`t try to translate it into German. They only added subtitles. SAT1 once had the Flying Circus also in it`s programm, but they dared to translate it into German. What a waste!

Also from John Cleese was the series Fawlty Towers. Good, that was funny. I loved the scene, when John Clesse asked the Spanish waiter:

Basil: Where is Sybil?

Manuel: The Bill?

Basil: Sybil!

Manuel: The Bill?

Basil: SYBIL

They also made a lot of fun about us Germans, but that didn`t bother me at all.

John Cleese is still a famous character and seen here and there in comercials and movies. Eric Idle is also seen from time to time, as well as Michael Palin, who also did a lot of documentations for the BBC. I haven`t seen a lot from Terry Jones and the reason, why you don`t see anymore of Graham Chapman is, because he has ceased to be, bereft of life, he rests in peace, he has kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, bit the dust, snuffed it, breathed his last, and gone to meet the Great Head of Light Entertainment in the sky. Or better said, he is just dead. It is said, that Graham Chapman asked John Cleese, to use the word "Fuck" in his funeral speech, since John Cleese was the first one, who used the word "Shit" on British television. Terry Gilliam is a very busy film director and I guess, you`ve seen more from him as you can imagine.

So, if you wonder, why your E-Mail account is stacked with spam, maybe the reason for the word spam has it`s origin from one of the scetches of the Monty Pythons.

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When I use my English

The idea to have an English blog came to my mind, when I saw the English blog of .

I thought, that this is a good way to use my English more often.

When I was in school, I wasn`t that good in English. After my army time in the German Bundeswehr I had the chance to live in London for 3 months. I visited a language school for one month and worked in a company as a probationer. That was the time, when I had fun using my English. After that time I was looking for a job, where I could use my English. I found one, where I used about 50% of my time speaking, reading and writing in English.

After that, I worked for another company where I couldn`t use my English that much. So I started to read books in English.

When I rent myself a DVD I only watch the English version. Sometimes it`s a pain in the ass, because some movies are realy hard to understand. For example Miamy Vice was impossible to understand. They all were mumbling, which was part of the coolness they were pretending. Even my sister, who lives in Toronto had problems to understand them. But at least I tried.

And I´m a big fan of podcasts. I download them from the Amercian newspapers such as the Washington Post or the New York Times and from the site . It`s a good way to get used to the spoken English.

In the morning I listen to the BBC, which of course sounds very British. Since I like the American accent more than the English one, it sounds a bit stuck-up.

I still think about becoming a member of the Hamburg Toastmasters, which you can find on my link-list. Because of my goal to become an Ironman, I currently don`t have the time for that, but it`s still on my list.

Because my sister lives in Toronto with her family, one could think, there must be a good chance to use my English more often. Well, when she is in Germany with her family she wants to speak German and she wants to have her kids speak German as well. Fair enough. But when I´m at her place in Toronto, she wants that, too. In that respect, I think she is sellfish. I could understand, that she thinks it`s odd to speak English with me. I even found that a bit odd. But she insists, that her kids speak German with me, because it`s their chance to use their German with a German. Well, and what about me? So, when I´m there, I order my Starbucks in English. Isn`t that something?

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