When I use my English

The idea to have an English blog came to my mind, when I saw the English blog of http://thedivorceediaries.blogspot.com/ .

I thought, that this is a good way to use my English more often.

When I was in school, I wasn`t that good in English. After my army time in the German Bundeswehr I had the chance to live in London for 3 months. I visited a language school for one month and worked in a company as a probationer. That was the time, when I had fun using my English. After that time I was looking for a job, where I could use my English. I found one, where I used about 50% of my time speaking, reading and writing in English.

After that, I worked for another company where I couldn`t use my English that much. So I started to read books in English.

When I rent myself a DVD I only watch the English version. Sometimes it`s a pain in the ass, because some movies are realy hard to understand. For example Miamy Vice was impossible to understand. They all were mumbling, which was part of the coolness they were pretending. Even my sister, who lives in Toronto had problems to understand them. But at least I tried.

And I´m a big fan of podcasts. I download them from the Amercian newspapers such as the Washington Post or the New York Times and from the site www.betteratenglish.com . It`s a good way to get used to the spoken English.

In the morning I listen to the BBC, which of course sounds very British. Since I like the American accent more than the English one, it sounds a bit stuck-up.

I still think about becoming a member of the Hamburg Toastmasters, which you can find on my link-list. Because of my goal to become an Ironman, I currently don`t have the time for that, but it`s still on my list.

Because my sister lives in Toronto with her family, one could think, there must be a good chance to use my English more often. Well, when she is in Germany with her family she wants to speak German and she wants to have her kids speak German as well. Fair enough. But when I´m at her place in Toronto, she wants that, too. In that respect, I think she is sellfish. I could understand, that she thinks it`s odd to speak English with me. I even found that a bit odd. But she insists, that her kids speak German with me, because it`s their chance to use their German with a German. Well, and what about me? So, when I´m there, I order my Starbucks in English. Isn`t that something?

7.4.07 14:39

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Inferno / Website (25.4.07 14:43)
your report is really bolstering! =)
my school-english wasn't good as well and even though I'm writing technical newsletter-articles in english, I'm often unsure about using correctly grammar and vocabulary.
hopefully this gonna change while practising for the next weeks!

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