A few years ago I was thinking of how to speak more English. I don`t have much problems to understand English. I´m used to read English books, I´m used to English movies, but when it comes to speaking, I´m a bit out of practise. From time to time I visitited an English language course, but they aren`t that cheap to do that more regulary. 

So I thought of looking for people, who have the same interest than I have. I placed an add in the internet, where I was looking for people, who wanted to speak more English and don`t have the possibilites as well.

 I found a few so we met twice a month. We went to the English theatre, we went to the movies and we talked. It was fun, but because we weren`t that many and we didn`t pay a Cent, it didn`t last more than a year.

I liked the idea and some of them did as well. But first of all it was hard to find a day, where all of us could participate. We haven`t set a fixed date like every second Monday or something like that. So sometimes it took 2 weeks to find a date and a place as well where all of us could come. So, after a while I felt tired of organising it and so it went dead.

I think, we should have made it more of a habit to join. We just small-talked, which was o.k. so it was more than meeting friends. And the pressure wasn`t there, that this is our regular date of pracitising English. 

If I could find a few people who would like to do that, I would try it again. But this time it would be more like, every second Monday from 7pm to 8.30pm. And I guess, most people don`t want to make such a comitment. So maybe, I have to join the Hamburg Toastmasters, because they seem a bit more organized.  

9.4.07 10:31

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Ute / Website (22.4.07 23:39)
What a nice idea to have an english language blog. I'll be back to read here again... IF of course you'll continue to write. It's been a couple of weeks since your last entry.


Inferno / Website (25.4.07 15:33)
but there are other possibilities for speaking english irregulary as well! for example via skype there's an international community of english-speaking people as well as Germans who want to improve their english-speaking skills. by adding an annunciation in the skype-forum you'll be able to find interessting speaking-partners.

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