Why I like Myspace!

I have the feeling, a lot of German people can`t stand Myspace.

I personally like it very much. I discovered Myspace through one of my favourite jazz musicians, Lee Ritenour, who also has an account at Myspace. Well, and that`s the reason why I like Myspace.

It is used from a lot of musicians as a way to inform their fans about tour dates, cd-releases and new songs.

I`m using Myspace as a way to inform myself about my favourite musicians and to discover new artists, as well.

For example Lee Ritenour has a lot of so called friends. And a lot of his friends are fans as well as musicians. And guess what, a musician who is a friend of Lee Ritenour might also hit my taste of music. 

So, in clicking through Lee`s friend list, I discovered new artists as well as other favourite musicians of mine. And through them I discovered new artists and so on. And sometimes artists, who I didn`t know before are asking to become friends of mine. So my network is growing and growing and my list of CD´s which I need to have is growing as well.

For me, Myspace works fine!

29.4.07 19:35

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Lucy / Website (13.5.07 18:08)
Quite good explanation! (:
I love being part of that huge network which seems to grow every tiny second i'm there. Nevertheless Space is slightly going to be more and more spoilt by those useless morons writing even more useless bulletins and just waiting for most useless picture comments no frickin one needs...^^'
I love it, though.
Nice to get to know more people liking it. Cought lots of different opinions of Germans so far.
Well so far so good. (:
Nice blog by the way. Well done, keep the good work.

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