Getting older

Some people can`t stand the fact, that we are getting older. They are looking for eternal youth.

Well, I´m not. I like the idea of getting older. I don´t want to be 80 now, but I also don`t want to be 20 or 30 again. I`m 41 and glad with it. I like the silver hairs on my temples, which are getting more and more over time. I like the fine wrinkles on my face, which are becoming more and more vissible.

Of course, youth has it`s advantages, but whats the point of staying young forever? I think, part of our life is going through the different periods of our being. What can you get or learn if you are staying young forever?

If somebody would offer me the key to eternal youth or life, I wouldn`t want it. I´m pretty sure, at a certain point it´s getting pretty boring. Wether you stay young forever (for example 30) or live forever.

People who don`t know me are estimating my age at about 37, which is fine with me. If somebody would say, I look like 30, I would be dissapointed. Of course I would be dissapointed as well, if someone would guess my age at 45 or older. As I said, I´m 41 and glad with it. Hopefully this feeling will last forever.

Yes, and I want to know how it will feel, when I´m 80 and my grandchildren are asking me, how I felt, when I was their age. Hopefully eternal youth will never come true. I would miss the different expiriences of getting older.

1.5.07 19:16

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